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              We believe carriers should
              earn more with dignity
              Book loads faster and earn more
              uses algorithms to find the most optimal loads, tailored to your specific preferences and status, helping you reduce deadhead miles and waiting times between loads and maximize your income.
              Verified and fulfillable loads with transparent pricing
              We are able to ensure all loads are verified and fulfillable. The transparent and upfront pricing process can shorten the lengthy price negotiations and make sure you get paid what you see. We keep your trucks full and keep you busy with hauling.
              Every load is paid on time
              Payment arrives on the same day of
              submitting POD online. No unreasonable
              deductions and delays in payment.
              The Familiar Strangers

              We respect our carriers as our valuable partners
              and help carriers win more respect

              How can I haul with FOR-U?
              Everything can be done online with us. You can simply download the “FOR-U Carrier” App and start using for free after registering an account.
              How do I find a load I want to take?
              We will use intelligent technology to find suitable loads for you that match your geolocation, type of trucks, and frequently driven routes. You can also filter the ones you are interested in in the Loads Page based on your preferences.
              How do I get paid upon load completion?
              We pay you on the same day of submitting POD.
              For further inquiries, please contact 400-056-5666.
              Try it today