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              Our platform serves shippers of all
              sizes and backgrounds, from top class
              companies to smaller shippers
              One tap away.
              A trustworthy network you can count on
              Through our rigorous carrier onboarding and risk control standards, as well as our real-time shipment tracking system, your loads will always arrive safely and timely.
              Get smart with our revolutionary
              pricing system
              Smart Pricing System generates instant and transparent price upfront, avoiding the back-and-forth haggling over phones and emails.
              Everything in control from price to
              real-time location
              Know your price before shipping your loads with Smart Pricing System, then track the shipment in real-time through Smart Service System.
              Ever-expanding choices of vehicles
              catering to diverse needs of all shippers
              Visual shipment tracking system
              increasing your supply chain visibility
              Who are your shippers?
              Our shippers include companies of all sizes and industries, from top-notch industry leaders to small and medium enterprises. Our platform can provide online truckloads services that cater to various needs, specializing in spot shipments.
              What cities does FOR-U cover?
              We have established nationwide presence in China.
              What happens if my load is damaged?
              Our FOR-U Omen Smart Service System, together with our dedicated team, handles any unexpected events that happen to your shipments. You can report any issues on FOR-U Shipper App.
              For further inquiries, please contact 400-056-5666.
              Try it today